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What is DLC

DLC refers to a kind of amorphous hard carbon film, composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen, also called amorphous carbon. DLC film is very hard and characterized by its excellent abrasion resistance so it can greatly improve the surface quality of various materials. However, it can only be applied to materials with food adherence capability, which makes its application on a large scale impossible.

Citizen made a lot of innovations to the plasma CVD technology – one of the film coating technologies. By placing a piece of Ti And Si middle film between the material and DLC film, the materials on which film coating is almost impossible can be easily coated by DLC film.

About DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)
Citizen’ DLC film is formed by taking the advantage of the plasma CVD technology in which hydrocarbon gas is used. The DLC film, a mixture of diamond structure (sp3) and graphite structure (sp2), is a kind of amorphous structure film without grain boundaries.

Advantages of DLC
  • Great hardness (Hv1600-2000)
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Small friction coefficient
  • Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
  • High adherence
  • Very smooth
  • Elegant tint