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What is Duratect

Scratch-Resistant because of its Hardness
Duratect is a revolutionary technology which involves a special treatment on existing materials like stainless steel or titanium to harden the surface. Applying this technique on stainless steel, we have achieved a hardness 3 to 4 times higher by penetrating carbon from the surface in order to distort the crystal of the metal. The result is a scratch-resistant hardness for daily use.

Shiny as Brand New
When you wear a watch over a long period of time, it sometimes becomes less shiny. It is caused by slight scratches. Your watch may have slight scratches from daily use without hitting with something hard or dropping it. By making it scratch-resistant, you can wear it while maintaining its polished look, thus your watch will appear good as brand new.

Various Designs
Duratect has a further advantage. It has an improved surface hardness while still keeping the characteristics of its original material. Therefore, you can have the design using the characteristic of stainless steel or titanium finishing. The surface is "hard", but inside is soft.