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CITIZEN at Milan Design Week 2016 - “time is TIME”

11 . 04 . 2016


CITIZEN to present “time is TIME,” where main plates create
a spectacular space of dazzling light, at MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2016
CITIZEN will participate in MILAN DESIGN WEEK, one of the largest design festivals in the world, to be held in Milan, Italy from April 12 to 17.
This will be the company’ s second participation at this event. We are honored to collaborate once again with Tsuyoshi Tane from DGT., who undertook creative direction of the highly acclaimed 2014 exhibit, “LIGHT is TIME.” CITIZEN and Mr. Tane have worked together since 2013, to pursue the fundamental theme of “time” through “watches,” and Mr. Tane continues to challenge the concept of “time” as “space.” This grand-scale “time is TIME” installation invites visitors to
ponder the nature of “time.”
Exploring the essence of time
“Time” is the only immutable law in the modern times. The original notion that we call “time” is created from the passage of light arising from the movements of the planets.
Under the theme of “time is TIME” this installation will explore the notion of “time” from a variety of angles— how the universe, earth, living creatures, mankind, life and society—are all linked to “time.” It will also exhibit various forms of “time,” that demonstrate dierent motions through mechanical and electronic movements.
It is almost a century since our foundation in 1918, and during that time we have explored possibilities, developed technologies, and created designs that broaden choices and new values of watches. To demonstrate it, we will exhibit 18 timepieces which symbolize the concept of CITIZEN design, “Bringing a start to new technologies.”
It has been 40 years since CITIZEN created the world’ s first light-powered analogue watch that uses light as a power source. We called this technology Eco-Drive, which converts light into electrical energy.
Eco-Drive has evolved as one of our core technologies that symbolically relates to a concept of light and time.
We hope audience will experience the unique allure of CITIZEN, that explores new possibilities for the future of the watch
through the development of Eco-Drive products.
*Eco-Drive is CITIZEN’ s proprietary technology that powers watches using any natural or artificial light source, eliminating the need to replace batteries. Certified as an Eco Mark product for the first time in the watch industry.




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